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 An influential blogger does not lack character and seeks to make a good impression.

2015Born in 1950 in Paris,in the Marais,orphan of father at 12 years old,Jabiru aka Gilbert Blum ( his cousin from Alsace had the front populaire,size 36 ). Voltaire Highschool.In May 68 dreamed “ under pavers the beach “.Bachelor Philosophie honours.Internship supervisor at 20 years old during study at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University.Degree in Law.

Specialist in Labour Social Sciences,Human Resource Management,Psychosociology.At the Legal Department of the departmental scholarship unions of Val de Marne,aged 25 he plead to industrial tribunals and advises major works councils ( Kodak-Airport of Paris,Cin Del Duca,Rhone Poulinc,Skf etc… ) in their social and economical prerogatives acquired with the Auroux Laws under the Union of the Left.

With his growing family,he moves with his progeny near the Wood of Boulogne ( “ Bois de Boulogne “ ) to participate to the Cross of Figaro,while the mother of his children who reads fluently Shakespeare and Tolstoi, is tri lingual assistant in import-export for a Franco-Soviet Joint Company.That was during the time of comrade Marchais and of that remarquable Jacques Duclos.

At 32 years,chief of staff of CCFD-Terre Solidaire the first french NGO of Development. After his first divorce strenna the new option of mutual consent,it grants a 36-year sabbatical and polygamous.Then he goes on the hunt for valiantly pounds francs and points of retirement for private and competitive sector executives. At 37 years-Liberal career to Kpmg Fidal.Legal adviser of Labour Relations,human resources practitioner,recruitment missions,audit-social and economic licenciments carts with social map.Complete biography Here.

His motto : Think global, act local

Do not hit derision human actions,not to deplore them,do not curse,but understand them.Spinoza.

Three years before the year 2000 and his fiftieth year,having read back “ L’éloge de la fuite “ ( praised the leak ) and “ Le droit à la paresse “ ( the right to laziness ),he fled pavers of Paris dreaming of a new life ( Hammock and Coconuts,warm sea with tropical beaches without paver.).

In the caribbean, he takes root with his two sons,then four successive small children on a French-Dutch insular confetti discovered the 11th November 1493 by Christopher Columbus the day of the Saint-Martin. A friendly island where he die probably in his eighties.His ashes will be scattered at sea.

After having assist the Surveyor of island in the management of its comptability and its staff,i decide that is time to change my life to satisfy my passions.Fouding chairman of the association Art & Culture Saint-Martin ( 1999-2002 ) who regroupe painters of the island,i edit the Calendar of Painters and organize the exhibition “ The month of painting “.

Fifty years i cross the Year 2000 with my creative pleasures as luggages.The occup’Action of a free thinker,that of free-lancetraveler Reporter.

Image01THINK.WRITE.PHOTOGRAPH. On the island of Dominica,i attended the Tribe of Kalinagos, last American Natives.My reportage “ Voyage au Jardin d’Eden “ ( Journey to Garden of Eden ) published by Discover Magazine is awarded in New York “ Best Travel Writer Photographer “ 2004 by the 27th Conference of the Caribbean States. Kind of thing my mom was so pride! Honor your father and your mother and you shall live longer…

February 2006,opening of L’oeil du Jabiru. My blog is initially hosted by Le Monde.fr.After 2 years and 200 000 visitors, I leave the climate of the strict Brezhnev monitoring and open L’Oiseau des iles, in February 2008, independant blog, on a web site whose domain name is mine.

“ Credibility, Competence, Good writing “, i win the Golden Blog of the French-speaking caribbean web of Martinique, Guadaloupe,Antilla,Guyana and Saint-Martin,contest Gold scoops 2010.

A third edition adapted to the Internet evolution is created with a gifted webmaster in February 2012.To this occasion and to celebrate the event i film my meeting with the director of our society of mixed economy,Jean Paul Fischer, the man who controls the Semsamar. In 2015 on the boulevard of my 65 springs, involvement in the Participatory Democracy in my Neighborhood.